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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Essex

We specialise in tires and guarantee that your vehicle drives the intended method. Regular maintenance is vital to encompass the life of your tires. We promise a stress-free practice by putting you first with responsive, up-front advice that you can rely on. Our workshop is armed with high-quality vehicle slopes and the tools essential to remove securely and Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Essex. Please don’t panic about taking away your wheels or tyres; only dropping the car off with us will do time out.

Let Us Fit Around Your Timetable!

Our simple way to have your Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Essex without leaving your home or business!

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Only make an appointment by calling us or filling out the form.

Jack up your car:

Our skilled experts will come to you, lift your car and take away your wheels

Refurbish your wheels:

Your wheels are then reserved to our central garage for all work to be complete.

Put them back in your car!

Once the work has been done, our specialists will carry your wheels back and fit them into your car.

Our core goal is to bring exceptional customer service to require our customer prospects are met; safeguarding customer care is the priority.

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Take a Quick Look at Our Alloy Wheel Refurbishment in Essex:

Standard Alloy Wheel Repair:

Our standard Alloy Wheel Refurbishment in Essex and wheel repair service means that we put on one colour coat and a coat of varnish to the alloy. You can select from any number of colours, though silver is the most common and is the one most suggested by us. Your polish choice can also be gloss or matt, which count on your penchant.

Hyper Silver and Shadow Chrome:

If you are required of Alloy Wheel Refurbishment in Essex, we also offer a shadow chrome and hyper silver, which gives a metallic upshot. This involves a more skilled and involved procedure than our average alloy service. This is for the reason that adds to our standard finish; we apply a lacquered base fleece to the wheel then dust numerous delicate layers of a silver powder ahead so that the shine of the base coat lustres over.


Some alloy repair Essex have more distinctive or ornamental finishes, which our dexterous alloy wheel straightening Essex and alloy wheel repair squad, Essex and London, can re-form for you. Furthermore, to repair, we can also make a unique texture to your original wheels so that you can brand your alloys.


This is the supplementary skilful procedure and comprises cutting the wheel on a lathe to achieve a refined metal rim or front face. Diamond cut alloys cannot be accomplished on the spot, so your car will be off the road for a few days.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Essex


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Alloy Wheel Powder Coating:

Our alloy repair Essex powder coating procedure practices cutting-edge technology to make a sturdier finish than simply canvas. Every wheel getting this course is fully exposed to the bare alloy and renovated before the coating is functional.

Alloy wheel powder coating is a decorative surface for alloy wheels. It’s squirted on like outdated paint. Though, it settles on the surface dry relatively than liquid. It’s not until the coating is intensely preserved that the colour “flows out” of the covering and procedures a gel over the wheel’s surface.

Alloy Wheel Wraps:

Alloy Wheel wraps are a profitable way of adding some character to your wheels. This process has several limits and only really loans itself to flat sides or looks of an alloy wheel. Fully wrapping an alloy wheel is not somewhat done frequently due to the difficulty of intricate. Several alloy wheel straightening Essex wrappers also prefer not to do it like the vinyl can become spoiled quickly and covering. This is preventable by smearing a lacquer finish to the wheel and protecting the vinyl. If you certainly need to wrap your alloy wheels, it is imaginable.

Third Coast Customs offer complete wheel wrapping and Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Essex service at our garage. We can make your wheels exclusive and striking with a massive range of colours to select from and either gloss, matt or satin textures. Contact us now to discover more.

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