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Alloy Wheel Repair Essex

Get the best alloy wheel repair Essex service, at just a call now, with our team of experts at Third Coast Customs.

Home service is also available. Let us take all your worries away!

We offer alloy wheel repair in Essex all around the week. You can rely upon us, at all times and we will certainly have a slot for you. Book a time and place that suits you best and we will be there for you.

Third Coast Customs brings you a wide range of alloy wheel repair Essex services, at just a click. With years of experience, we excel in Essex wheel refurb. No matter what type of wheels you have; we can refurb them for you.

Get a free quote today. Just fill out our form and we will get back to you, within a short time.

Diamond Cutting:

We are not only the most trusted service for alloy wheel refurb in Essex. We have an in-house CNC wheel that helps us refurb diamond wheels too. Our diamond cutting is perfect in all ways and meets factory-set standards.

Powder Coating:

Third Coast Customs is proud to be your wheels’ doctor. With us, powder coating comes to you.

We are capable of fixing all types of damages that might occur to your wheels. Our team of technicians remove the wheels, strip off their paint and weld all the damage that has been done to them. We then smooth the wheels out and sandblast them. Once done, we powder coat the wheels, in any colour that you want.

The powder coating is as smooth as ever and gives a perfectly professional finish to your tyres. Our team manages all types of alloys. We fit and balance the wheels for you too.

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Alloy Wheel Straightening:

Being the ultimate alloy wheel repair Essex specialists, we have the best equipment and latest tools to render highly impeccable outcomes. As we constantly update our equipment, we can straighten any flat spots.

Your wheels can get flat spots due to a pothole or two and that is fine. With us being beside you, there isn't much to worry about. You can place your trust in us and we are the most trusted choice for alloy wheel refurb in Essex.

Welding and Crack Repairs:

It isn’t an unbelievable thing to come across a cracked wheel these days. With the road conditions being pretty weird and uncertain; anything can be expected. However, with our team of experts being just a call away; you don't have much to worry about.

We are here to be your best bet for all types of Essex wheel refurb. We can easily weld and repair wheel cracks for you. Just give us a call and we will be right there for you.

alloy wheel repair Essex


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Experienced and Competitive:

Third Coast Customs is proud to be one of the most competitive alloy wheel shops in Essex. With years of experience, we have developed a reputation that helps us stay on top of our game. We have constantly evolved the technologies and methods we utilize to bring the best to you.

We excel in managing and refurbishing all types of alloy wheels. You name it and we can do it for you.

Allow us to fit you in our Schedule:

We get it! With the super hectic routines, nobody wants to leave their houses. And you don't have to either. Just give us a call from home and we can fit you into our schedule. We offer at-home services too.

We will just require a detailed conversation with you, to understand the issue. Or we can also visit you to analyze the problem and then return with the required equipment and tools.

If you are okay with it, we can take your car along and get it fixed at our shop and return it once it is done. We are flexible to all types of ideas and thoughts. Just give us a call and we can get started.

Get a Free Quote:

If you need a quotation before you decide to hire us; all you have to do is fill out a quick form and we will send you a quotation, within a short time.

Contact us today:

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and allow us to be your helping hand for alloy wheel repair in Essex.

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