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Car Wrapping Essex

Our highly experienced team use the best materials and latest proven methods to wrap vehicles. 
Looking to change the color of your vehicle to a one of a kind or fully transforming it to a beast

We do company branded logo Wrapping In Essex

We at Third Coast Customs not only do car wrapping to your car but we create a vision and deliver.

We are some of the very few that delivery excellent work quality in the trade.
Car Wrapping is an excellent alternative to paint as its a lot more cost effective and you have more control of the end design.

  Third Coast Customs deals with full or partial car wrapping in Essex.

Car Wrapping in Essex is becoming more and more popular by all ages, makes and brands.

 This is why Third Coast Customs offers to a wide variety of services. Aftercare is as important to us as its what has made us one of the best in Essex. Ceramic Coating Is also available to treat your wrap to the best protection available.

Your Experience Matters.

From start to finish we will update you through the process either by social media or messages, because we treat your vehicle like one of our own!

The Vehicle Wrapping Is Performed in a Dust-free Atmosphere In Our Wrap Studio.

We like to get your vision and turn that into reality. Our Bespoke services are for everyone that is looking to change the look or performance of their vehicle.

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The Hassle-free Understanding That Is Second to None:

  • We put clients first with a welcoming experience.

  • We give customers the information they need to pick desired results.

  • We offer expert advice our clients can trust.

  • We offer reliable service with quality products and warranties at competitive prices in car wrapping Essex.

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Quick, cost-effective solution:

Whatever your reason, our team provides with a quick, cost-effective solution. As well as changing the look of your vehicle, the vinyl wrap provides an added layer of protection to the paintwork underneath. So if you ever feel like going back to the original colour that can be done without incurring any damage. 

From part wraps to full coverage inside & out:

Whether you're looking to just wrap a part of your vehicle or looking to cover every bit of paint, both externally and internally, we can take it as far as you'd like to go.


Partial wrap: Anything from stripes to bonnet wrap or even half a car!


Full wrap: This covers all the visible paint from the outside so you no longer see the original paint colour.


Roof wrap: Fancy a contrast from top to bottom? Or love your current colour but want something different. A roof wrap can change the appearance of your car without going for a full colour change.


Door shuts & returns: If you want an external wrap, but don't want the original paint to show when you open the doors then getting the door shuts & returns wrapped is for you. This means you get full wrap coverage so that your vehicle looks like it was meant to be this was from production!   


Interior wrap: Stuck in traffic and bored of seeing the same boring interior trims, then this is for you. We can wrap your trims in a wide range of finishes from carbon fibre effect to brushed steel or even  match your external wrap. 

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